Don’t Trash that Torn T-shirt – Give it a Second Life!

The average U.S. citizen throws away 70 lbs. of clothing each year. That amount is equal to 21 billion lbs. or 260,000 truckloads! Multiple local agencies accept used clothing for those in need, but what about torn or worn clothing and other textiles that are not reusable? You can recycle fiber products by dropping them off in bins operated by the American Textile Recycling Service (ATRS). Look for containers at the corner of Bissonnet and Buffalo Speedway behind Walgreens and near the entrance to the Westpark Consumer Recycling Center.
95% of textiles worn or torn can be recycled. If you rag bin is full, don’t throw those textiles away – give them a second life as upholstery and automotive stuffing. Landfill waste will be reduced and employment opportunities will be provided to semi-skilled or marginally employable workers.
Another way to care for God’s Creation, brought to you by the Creation Care Team. Source: