Dinner Dialogues: Discovering Community Through Dialogue August 18

Dialogue Discovery: Building Trust in Community
Interfaith Ministries Great Hall & Plaza of Respect
Cost: $25. Please Register.

Join Interfaith Ministries of Houston as they embark on a year of challenging each other to step outside of what we know and build community with those around us.
The Dialogue Project provides opportunities to learn about Houston’s diverse faith communities, engage with people from diverse backgrounds, share your own experiences and listen to the experiences of others. Through the Dialogue Project, Interfaith Ministries aims to inspire participants to further interfaith dialogue, collaboration and service in their own communities. Interreligious understanding is a necessity, more so now than ever before.
Dinner Dialogues
A Dinner Dialogue is an evening held in a private home, a house of worship, or at Interfaith Ministries, where a diverse group of 8-12 people from the Greater Houston area, all from a variety of religious traditions and backgrounds, come together to learn about one another and share a meal.
The purpose of Dinner Dialogues is to provide a meaningful experience for participants to learn about one another’s perspectives and beliefs in an environment full of respect and understanding. It is an opportunity to celebrate our similarities and our differences at a time and in a space that is one of life’s most important gatherings: dinner.