Creation Care Team Reflection:

creation care cornerWise Up, Wise Up, You Christians
Wise up, wise up, all Christians
Whose eyes are heaven bound;
God made us first in Eden
To serve and love the ground,
To work with God the Gard’ner
Whose breath in ev’ry thing
Brings life and hope and blessing
And make our planet sing.

Be wise, be wise, like Joseph,
Before those years of drought,
The curse of global warming,
Turns human faith to doubt.
Plan now to feed the hungry
A flood of refugees,
And share our garden planet
With ev’ry life in need.

Connect with Christ the Healer,
Whose love fills land and sea,
That breathing pulsing presence
In soil and stream and tree.
Unite with Christ in healing
The wounds of planet Earth
Until creation’s groaning
Becomes a song of birth.
C. Norman Habel, 2008 Reprinted from