Creation Care Fest/Environmental Extravaganza

In August, dozens of people (from our congregation, other Lutheran congregations, and the community) attended the Creation Care Fest/Environmental Extravaganza.  At the Fest, expert speakers gave presentations on the following topics:  energy conservation, water conservation, reducing toxins in the yard, reducing toxins in the home, and reducing waste generation in the home.  The presentations are available for any member of CTK who would like a copy.  Just e-mail Lisa Brenskelle at to request a presentation copy. In addition to the expert speakers, a number of local environmental organizations were on hand as exhibitors to discuss their work with attendees.  This was a zero waste event, with all waste generated either recycled or composted.  The Creation Care Team plans to make this an annual event, so keep an eye out for the announcement of the 2015 Creation Care Fest/Environmental Extravaganza.

creation care 3

Attendee speaking with one of the local environmental organization exhibitors.