Christ the King Evangelical Church Foundation Grant Application

Christ the King Evangelical Lutheran Church Foundation is a Non-Profit Corporation Certified by the State of Texas March 30, 1988. As a non-profit corporation the Foundation operates under Articles of Incorporation of the Christ the King Evangelical Lutheran Church Foundation. The Bylaws of the Foundation authorize the Board of Directors to make regular grants and special grants to the Congregation from the income of the General Endowment Fund only in accordance with the following procedures. Such grants shall be made solely in support of the life and work of the Congregation.

The general rules for The Foundation’s consideration of proposals for regular grants from the Foundation are as follows.

Regular grants from income may be made only in furtherance of special projects and special needs of the Congregation, such as the acquisition or improvement of real or personal property, the acquisition of furnishings and equipment, the funding of special programs within the Congregation or in its mission to its community, or to support a new program or staff member to begin or continue a program which would in time be fully supported by the Congregation. Regular grants shall not be made in support of regular operational expenses of the Congregation. All determinations made in good faith by the Board of Directors as to the character of a grant shall be conclusive.

The Board of Directors shall announce to the Congregation that written suggestions may be made for the coming year. The Board of Directors shall then propose regular grants from among the written suggestions which it has received and other suggestions which it may advance, which regular grant proposals shall be presented to the Church Council of the Congregation. Such of the regular grant proposals as shall be approved by the Church Council of the Congregation shall then be presented to the Congregation at its annual meeting, for approval by majority vote of those present.

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