Christ the King Evangelical Church 2022 Foundation Grant Application

The Christ the King Evangelical Lutheran Church New Foundation invites applications for regular grants, which may be made solely in support of the life and work of the Congregation and other qualified organizations whose purposes are aligned with the strategic emphases of the Church. Regular grants generally support special projects and special needs of the Congregation and its mission. As set forth in the Foundation’s Grant Policies, regular grants may not be made in support of routine operational expenses of the Congregation. The Foundation expects to have available up to $25,000 for grants in 2022.

This is an opportunity for members or groups of members to seek Foundation support for the outreach activities and ministries of the congregation that they care deeply about.

Grant applications should describe how the proposal will benefit the Congregation and its mission and may be submitted by 12 noon on December 31, 2021, to the Church office or to any member of the Foundation board (Russell Post, Kathy Collins, Wendy Wiker, Bill Streng, Anne Clutterbuck, and Justin Schneewind).

Grant decisions will be announced at the Part II Annual Meeting in February 2022 with an opportunity for comment before final decisions are made by the Board.

Russell Post, President


PROPOSAL TO BE SUBMITTED BY: 12 Noon on December 31, 2021:

Amount of grant requested:

Proposed use of grant money and rationale for request:

Other considerations (opportunity for matching funds, when funding is needed, etc):

Name of member or group submitting a proposal:

Member to be contacted by Foundation for additional information if different from above: