Central African Republic (CAR) Lutheran Bishop to Preach August 14

CAR 20160719_0031The Rev. Dr. Samuel Ndanga-Toué will preach at the late service on August 14, with a reception for him following worship. Come and meet the president (bishop) of our companion synod for which we have been praying each Sunday. He was elected president of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Central African Republic (EEL-RCA) in April of 2015, succeeding Rev. André Golike. Prior to the election, Rev. Ndanga-Toué served as director of the Lutheran School of Theology in Baboua. During his first visit to our synod, he will attend the Churchwide Assembly in New Orleans. He will also speak at Kinsmen on Monday evening, August 15, and visit the Brenham area before going on to the North Dakota and other northern partners of the EEL-RCA.