Creation Care Opportunities

  • There’s a new link on the News & Events side bar of the CTK website called Creation Care Opportunities. When you go to that page click on “upcoming opportunities” for tons of information that is useful for:
  • scout groups planning service projects
  • teen agers doing community service
  • parents searching for children’s summer classes
  • individuals looking for some fun outdoors experiences that are close by and inexpensive—hiking trails, kayaking lessons, fishing trips
  • people wanting to become involved on a one- shot basis or for a longer time with environmentally aware organizations like the Sierra Club, birding groups, or community gardens
  • foodies trying out new vegetarian recipes or looking for ways to grow food organically
  • anyone wishing to recycle hard-to-dispose-of items, like mattresses, Styrofoam, and pharmaceuticals

Check it out. You can help the planet and also maybe find a cool way to spend a Saturday afternoon.