Sermon From the Memorial Service of Kate Paxton

In the name of God, Father, + Son and Holy Spirit, source of true beauty and mystery. Amen.


Kate Lynn Paxton: Is Trinity a Sublime Word for me?

“How deep I find your thoughts, O God! How great is the sum of them! (Ps 139:17).” A casual glance at the painting found on the last page of our bulletin, a painting by Kate Paxton herself, will show you these words come alive. Kate proclaims to us the grace of God’s depth, the gift of sublimity for us today. Kate Lynn Paxton. Mother, Friend, Educator, Playwright and Painter. How great is the sum of the Spirit’s gifts in our life together with her! Our speakers today have highlighted only a sum of such a witness and yet all have pointed towards a Word. A Word of God as a word of sublime hope. The Word that was with God (and is God) in the beginning, made the heavens and the earth, who dwelt and died, is present for us today. This Word has the final say in our lives because, as Kate’s favorite Psalm says: “ [it]…formed my inward parts…intricately woven in the depths of the earth (139:13,15).” This Word, our God, is a master artisan; a knitter, a potter fashioning us for God’s glory. For those of us who had the blessing of knowing our sister Kate, we managed to hear and see this kind of a Word through her art, her nurturing, her friendship.

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