Letter to the Congregation: Masks Will no Longer be Required at Worship & Events at Christ the King Church

Dear Faithful People of Christ the King Lutheran Church,

With great joy and profound relief, I write to inform you that as of this Sunday, April 3, 2022, masks will no longer be required at worship services or other events at Christ the King Lutheran Church. We give thanks to God who, over the Covid pandemic’s past two years, has blessed and protected us; and who has strengthened and guided our congregation council and staff to provide flexible health protocols to protect the most vulnerable among us.

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Dear Faithful People and friends of Christ the King Church:

The weather outside on Christmas day will not be frightful! Thanks be to God! As a result, we have one change which improves our planned in-person celebrations of Christ’s Nativity: our 11:00 a.m. Christmas Day Service of Holy Communion will be outdoors in the back parking lot off Greenbriar where there will be room for social distancing and no limit to the number of people who can safely attend. The weather prediction is “partly cloudy with temperatures in the mid-seventies.” Dress comfortably and please bring a chair for each person. This will be a full service of holy communion; we will sing favorite carols; and we will follow the same safety protocols about masks and social distancing that we did last winter and spring.

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Letter to the Congregation | COVID Protocol for Christmas December 20, 2021

Dear faithful people and friends of Christ the King Church,

How shall we celebrate Christ’s birth this week? I’m sure that, like our Christ the King Church staff, you and your family are prayerfully pondering that question. While this decision must be a matter of personal responsibility for each of us, what follows in this letter is what we have determined about our communal worship life over these next two celebratory weeks.

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Health & Safety Protocol Update at Christ the King Church

Beginning November 7th, we are returning to more of our pre-Covid worship procedures to permit:

Worshipers to kneel during confession and forgiveness and prayers of intercessions.

Worshipers to kneel or stand at the altar rail to receive holy communion.

Pastors to distribute communion in each worshiper’s hands.

Allowing ushers to pass the offering baskets during the offering.

Masks are still required at all times indoors at Christ the King Church.