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An Exploration of Vocation

We continue our Sunday Forum series about “Vocation,” What is it? Is it our daily paid “job?” Just what is the vocation of pastors and deacons? What are and how do we all identify our vocations as the baptized laity, including as heads of families? This week our Deacons Rick Erickson, Beth Hartfiel,  and Courtney Webb will share how they understand their vocations. On the 25th, Deacon Ben will facilitate a discussion on the vocation of parenting and other means of nurturing children; and we’ll conclude with testimonies from “amongst us” as to how our daily vocations and professional roles align. A rich and inspiring set of reflections will help build and heal us as we grow in faith and action.April 18: The Vocation of Deacon
Deacons are bridges between the church and the community. Enjoy a conversation with Christ the King Deacons: Rick Erickson, Cantor; Beth Hartfiel, Church Administration; Courtney Webb, Chaplain; as they share their specific vocational “calls.” Continue reading

Sunday Forum Series

Freed by faith, life in love: A three Sunday Study of Martin Luther’s Freedom of a Christian (1520)Sunday, December 20 at 9:00 a.m.

Faith and Love on Social Media
On the 500th Anniversary of Freedom of a Christian’s publication, join Intern Sergio Rodriguez for an in-depth study of Freedom of a Christian during Adult Forum in December. How may we be freed for our neighbor in the digital space? How does Freedom of a Christian inform our witness and ministry in the virtual space? These and more questions will be discussed during the study.

If you missed either of the previous sessions with Intern Sergio, you can still hear what he had to share. Send an email to to get the link to the video from last week as a way to prepare for this Sunday.
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Sunday Forum Series: 75 Years – How It all Began

Looking Down History Lane of Christ the King
Sunday, November 15 at 10:00 a.m.
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Dr. John Boles will cap off this look down our own history lane with an review of Houston in the fall of 1945 including local and global events of the time.
These Sunday Forums will be recorded and be available upon request.

Sunday Forum: June 28 at 10:00 a.m.

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The Rev. Dr. David Brondos, Missionary in Mexico

June 28
Another World is Possible: The Challenges of the Mexican Context

After serving in a variety of capacities as a missionary in Mexico from 1984 to 1995, the Rev. Dr. David Brondos has been teaching theology and biblical studies since 1996 at the Theological Community of Mexico, an ecumenical consortium of Protestant seminaries in Mexico City that includes Augsburg Lutheran Seminary

You are invited to learn about David’s work by viewing his presentation on theological education to the Luther Colloquy at United Lutheran Seminary at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.