Caring for Creation

The Creation Care Team Mission Statement:  Being earth keepers is foundational to our Christian vocation. The Creation Care Team encourages members of Christ the King Evangelical Lutheran Church to incorporate care for creation into the congregation’s full life and ministry. 

To further our mission, Christ the King Church is in a covenant relationship with Lutherans Restoring Creation. As part of our commitment to incorporate creation care on all levels at CTK, each month in The King’s Banner and on the Creation Care Opportunities page, which you can access via the News & Events menu on the red sidebar, we offer:

  • eco-tips and reflections to assist members in incorporating care for creation into their daily life
  • articles on a creation-care topic
  • vegetarian recipes to encourage members to care for creation by eating lower on the food chain.
  • past activities

GreenFaith Certification Achieved!!
In 2017, the Creation Care Team received GreenFaith Certification for CTK. To achieve certification, the team had to fulfill requirements for creation-focused worship services, religious education on creation for all ages, interfaith & multi-generational creation-focused activities, environmental justice education & interactions with local environmental justice leaders, and communications about our activities. In addition to these requirements, we also had to complete 25 actions or awareness building activities in the areas of energy, transportation, food, water, waste, toxins and grounds. Work to achieve GreenFaith certification began in 2013, two years after CTK entered into covenant with Lutherans Restoring Creation and the Creation Care Team was formed. Participation in GreenFaith built the foundation for a number of creation-focused activities now routinely offered by the CTK Creation Care Team for the congregation, in all areas originally required for GreenFaith certification. We continue to use what we learned during the certification process to guide our ongoing efforts to incorporate care for creation into the full life and mission of CTK, in worship, education, discipleship, advocacy/public ministry, and stewardship of building & grounds.

Our daily food choices have a profound effect on God’s creation. Growing, processing, transporting, and cooking our food can use tremendous amounts of energy, water and chemicals. The Creation Care Team asks you to consider making changes to your eating habits in an effort to reduce the negative effects on our planet and our bodies. Eat green – it’s good for the environment and your health!