Electronic Giving Now Includes Credit/Debit Card Donations

Members and friends now have the option of choosing how to make donations: checking account, savings account or credit/debit cards. The site has now been updated so you set up your own profile with your email address and manage all of your own online donation activity. You will still be able to make one-time donations and set up automatic donation plans, but now you will also be able to log in 24/7 to make changes or view your own donation history.

Electronic Giving allows to choose the donation frequency, one-time, weekly or monthly, and the donation amount for different funds. Contributions will be transferred electronically from designated accounts or credit/debit cards to the church account. These giving options will work in the same manner as other automatic withdrawals. The charge for using a Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club and Discover is 2.75% per transaction. American Express charges of 3.5% per transaction. For example, a $100.00 gift using a Visa card is reduced to $97.25 for the church. There is no charge for donations made through checking or savings accounts. This option gives peace of mind knowing that one’s pledge will be received and is contributing to the work of the church, especially during the low cash flow months of the year! Just click on the Easy button.

Click here to make a donation online .

Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels is a home delivered meal program for seniors with limited mobility, through the Harris County Area Agency on Aging. Interfaith Ministries is the largest provider of services in the Houston area. Each meal includes an entree, two 1/2-cup servings of fruit or vegetables, bread, milk and whole fruit or dessert. They serve more than 4,100 seniors a hot meal each day.
This service is available to homebound individuals 60 years old and older and spouses of current service recipients.

Food for Seniors is a program in which volunteers deliver a box of shelf stable groceries to qualifying seniors at the end of each month. This program is designed to help low-income seniors make it through the end of the month. Your support helps provide this much needed service to more than 1,700 seniors each month!

aniMeals on Wheels is a program that benefits clients of Meals on Wheels for Greater Houston. aniMeals volunteers deliver a supply of donated dog and cat food each month. We also got some stuff for the animals from my pet needs that’s picks. aniMeals is necessary because Meals on Wheels delivery drivers noticed that the seniors in the Meals on Wheels program sometimes share their home-delivered meal with their pet. Some seniors have to make the difficult choice of feeding their pet, purchasing medications or feeding themselves. aniMeals helps to alleviate these tough choices seniors have to make and we need your help. We ask that members drop off pet food in the basket in the narthex.

Recycle Paper

Located by the mechanical yard on the south end of our parking lot.

Help us by bringing all your acceptable recycling items to our green and yellow Paper Retriever bin!  We make money on the tons we recycle.  A little help from every member can make a very big difference in our program.

For example, if you bring in a full brown paper grocery bag….you have contributed approximately 10 lbs.   For every 100 members that do this, we have collected 1000 lbs. or ½ ton.  If 100 members would do this each week, we would have 4000 lbs or 2 tons in a month! That means we would be hitting our target goal!!!

So, please help by doing your share to protect Mother Earth! Thank you so much for supporting our Paper Retriever Program.

Accepted items include:
newspaper, magazines, shopping catalogs, junk mail, office and school papers, envelopes with and without windows, phone books, paper bags (paper clips and staples do not have to be removed)

Items not accepted include:
cardboard, cereal/soda cartons, food wrap/containers, paper cups, tissue products, metal, trash, cans, plastics and glass.