*Bells will ring (really) to announce Service of the Word – Sunday at 11 am. – online

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A PASTORAL LETTER   March 20, 2020

Dear Members and Friends of Christ the King Lutheran Church,

Again, grace and peace to you in Christ’s name in this time of challenge and opportunity.
We, your ministry staff, are starting to find our way with you to “be church in a new way.” We have our successes and our hiccups. Of the former, many of you already have been online for a variety of functions already. Good start! Of the hiccups, a dropped time here, another unclarity perhaps there, and a reversal of plans for worship for the next few weeks to come.

*Sunday Adult Forum session with Intern Pastor Sergio Rodriguez is at 10am.
*Bells will ring (really) to announce Service of the Word online at 11am.

Sunday Bulletin

Livestreamed worship on Sunday at 11am will be only a Service of the Word, with no Holy Communion. We discerned several theological and practical questions that require further reflection before anything like “communion in digital space” is faithfully imagined. This is not happy news and the decision is made most reluctantly. It is of the character of an “involuntary fast” imposed by our pandemic circumstances. Such eucharistic fasts are familiar to the Christian tradition. In in extremis situations there are many examples of how the Eucharist was still celebrated. We need more to learn from them; to pray, study, discuss, and prepare for how we can do that with spiritual integrity beyond attentiveness to public health protocols. This is a conversation into which we invite all of you, such as, for example, as we did this morning in Bible Study. Maybe we can host yet another set of classes online. In the meantime, please let us know if you’d like a private pastoral visit with you with Holy Communion. We will be there for you as directly as possible.

So, as for this Sunday, remember that:
*Sunday Adult Forum session with Intern Pastor Sergio Rodriguez is at 10am.
*Bells will ring (really) to announce Service of the Word online at 11am.
*Click on the links above for our Facebook and YouTube pages. Both sessions also will be archived and available online later.

Finally, a service bulletin is included with this email. We do want this to be an interactive worship time together wherever you are, whether by desktop, laptop, pad or phone. And
You can help sustain your church and contribute to our monthly mission designees in these new days with an offering given electronically through our website www.ctkelc.org. We look forward, finally, to providing you a weekly devotional moment, with music, in addition to our new Sunday worship discipline.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and mutual care in the name of Christ!
In His Peace and on behalf of all the ministry staff, Pastor Duane