Sunday Forum

sunday-forum-time-locationAlzheimer’s Disease
Caroline Gonynor will present two Sunday forums on the topic of Alzheimer’s Disease. Caroline is the Education Coordinator at the Alzheimer’s Association. She has a Master’s in Public Health in Health Behavior and Education and develops and administers educational programs for the Association.

Februay 16:  Alzheimer’s Disease Basics
The first of two presentations will be a discussion of the basics of Alzheimer’s Disease. Topics include common symptoms seen in Alzheimer’s Disease, the difference between typical aging and Alzheimer’s Disease, and the ten warning signs to look out for.  

February 23 Tips for Caregiving
This presentation will discuss some common issues when caregiving, including caregiver stress, communication, and dealing with difficult behaviors. Tips to communicate effectively will be discussed as well as strategies for dealing with behaviors that accompany memory loss. 

Sunday Forum in March
March 2 and 9: Hinduism and Buddhism

Dr. Jon Keune will teach a mini-series on world religions, Hinduism and Buddhism. Jon grew up in the ELCA and worships at Christ the King Church. Jon is a postdoctoral fellow in India Studies at the University of Houston. As a college student at St. Olaf College, studying Asian religions became a vital part of his faith journey, which led him to become approved for ordination in the ELCA and to earn a PhD in Religious Studies from Columbia University. Jon’s research focuses on ideas of human equality in popular Hinduism in western India, where he lived for four years.

March 16 and 23: Christianity’s Oldest Catechism: The Didache

Prof. David Capes of Houston Baptist University will introduce on two Sundays the Didache, the earliest written Christian teaching document.

The Didache was under consideration to be included in the New Testament canon but is understood as a key document in the collection of second generation Christian writings. It has three main section dealing with ethics, Baptism and Eucharist, and church organization. The Didache manuscript was lost for centuries and rediscovered in the late 19th century in the Codex Hierosolymitanus. David is the Thomas Nelson Research Professor in Christianity with a focus on New Testament theology, early Christianity, intertextuality, Christian worship and inter-religious dialogue.