Sunday Forum

9:45 a.m. in the parish hall

January 13: Parliament of the World’s Religions
presented by Lisa Brenskelle
What is the Parliament of the World’s Religions? What is their mission and history? What programs do they offer? Who is involved in the Parliament of the World’s Religions? What happened at their 2018 conference in Toronto? What was it like to attend that gathering? Get answers to these questions and learn all about the Parliament of the World’s Religions from Lisa Brenskelle, who attended and presented at the 2018 parliament.

January 20: Prescription Drug Costs
presented by Vivian Ho

Prescription drug expenditures were projected to reach $360.2 billion in 2018. Are a handful of blockbuster drugs to blame, or are all patients being forced to pay rapidly rising prices? Vivian Ho, from Rice University’s Baker Institute, will explore these questions and describe policy options to control drug price increases being recommended by policy makers and researchers.

January 27: Freestanding Emergency Departments
presented by Vivian Ho
Freestanding emergency departments (FrEDs) have spread throughout Houston and Texas. This growth has been accompanied by a rapid rise in out-of-pocket expenses for many unsuspecting patients. This talk will describe the rapid growth in utilization and costs of FrEDs. We will examine the overlap in services between FrEDs and urgent care centers and discuss policy options for achieving better outcomes for Texas consumers.

February 4: Health Care You Can Live With
presented by Linda Schoene, Congregational Nurse
Book review of Health Care You Can Live With by Dr. Scott Morris, founder of the Church Health Center in Memphis, TN.