Sunday Forum

November 26 Mind the Gap
presented by Matthias Henze

Reading the Old Testament is not enough to understand Jesus of Nazareth, the apostles, and the rise of early Christianity. To understand the Jews of the Second Temple period, it’s essential to read what they wrote—and what Jesus and his followers might have read—beyond the Hebrew scriptures. Matthias Henze, member of Christ the King Church, introduces his 2017 book Mind the Gap, and will speak about key ideas found in specific New Testament texts that simply can’t be understood without the early Jewish “intertestamental” writings—the Messiah, angels and demons, the law, and the resurrection of the dead. Mind the Gap broadens curious students’ perspectives on early Judaism and early Christianity and welcomes them to deeper study. The book is available at its publisher Fortress Press and amazon.

December 3 — Advent Wreath Workshop on First Sunday of Advent

The Altar Guild will set up for wreath making in the cloister and courtyard. The supplies provided include two different styles of wire wreaths, blue and purple advent candle sets, ribbon, bows and greenery. A donation of $10 is suggested to cover the Altar Guild’s cost of supplies. All ages are invited to join in this communal craft activity to start the Advent season in your  homes. If you have a purchased wreath that you would like to decorate, please bring it and join the fun.