Prayer Across Faiths

In prayer we humans orient toward God: we direct praise, lament, questions, petitions and thanksgiving to God who made us, redeemed us and sustains us. In prayer we are in conversation with God and open for God to be in conversation with us, in personal prayer as well as in group and worship settings. In February Sunday Forum will learn about prayer practices in four faith traditions, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim and Jewish. The presenters will share practices and content, and discuss how prayer shapes and supports daily living and ethical decision making.

February 18: Prayer in Muslim life
Shariq Abdul Ghani is a Muslim interfaith activist with the Minaret Foundation. He enjoys building relationships by speaking about differences through laughter, coffee, and dodgeballs. He speaks regularly at churches, synagogues, schools, and conferences, and has a 4-year-old who would prefer him to be a dinosaur and a bulldozer… at the same time.February 25: Prayer in Jewish life
Rabbi Joshua Fixler serves as assistant rabbi at Congregation Emanu El where he was called in 2017 after his ordination at Hebrew Union College. Rabbi Fixler has a B.A. in Organizational Development and Community Leadership, and has pursued his interests in social justice and interfaith work. He has served as youth director, educator and student rabbi in numerous settings.

March 4: Prayer in Buddhist life
Seirin Tim Schorre received the Buddhist precepts and lay-ordination, along with the Buddhist name Seirin, meaning Peaceful Forest in 1999. In 2017 he received ordination as a novice Soto Zen priest from his teacher, Rev. Setsuan Gaelyn Godwin. In addition to his professional work as an architect, he currently serves Houston Zen Center as a practice leader and co-leads a Buddhist congregation at the Ferguson Unit of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.