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We are a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod. We are committed to the mission of proclaiming to the world the message of God’s reconciling work revealed in Jesus Christ and proceeding in the Spirit of God.
Our faith calls us to be an inclusive community welcoming people of all cultures, races, sexual orientations, and gender identities.
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Church News & Events

Sunday Forum – 9:45 a.m.

Hildegard of Bingen
Saint and Doctor of the Church (1098-1179)
presented by Dr. Ann Gebuhr

February 23: Hildegard of Bingen:  A Mystic in Action
These two Sunday Forums introduce Hildegard of Bingen to us in preparation for the Lenten Vespers series, Living Light in Lent. February 16 will introduce Hildegard, covering the first half of her life and introducing her mysticism.  February 23 will cover the second half of her life with emphasis on community as a growth and healing force.
Musicologist and composer Dr. Ann Gebuhr has devoted years of research to Hildegard of Bingen published in her 2012 book Hildegard! We thank Ann for helping us to get to know this medieval theologian and mystic whose spirituality will accompany us throughout Lent. Ann taught music and composition at Houston Baptist University and is a member of Christ the King Church.

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper February 25―please volunteer!

The annual pancake supper will take place on February 25 this year! We are looking for people who can come and help for a while and then enjoy the eating, talking and carrying-on that we do at Mardi Gras.
The ways you can help are:
bring champagne and/or orange juice
shop at Sam’s for pancake mix and sausage patties
decorate (and remind me if i need to order more beads etc.)
come at 3:00 and making pancakes and cooking the sausage
come at 4:30 and continue with the pancakes
help with kids’ table and pancake race
serve from 6-6:30
serve from 6:30-6:45
clean up at 6:45
Please let Marie know if you are available or if you know someone who would enjoy participating.

Ukrainian Egg Decorating Workshop

Thursdays through March 26
Pasanky (Ukaranian egg decorating) classes will meet on the 3rd floor at 6:00 p.m. starting on Thursday, February 13 and continuing through March 26, led by Marie Monroe. The cost is $10 for new students and $5 for returning students. Everyone learns and works at their own speed, and you are invited to enjoy this relaxing, meditative art. You too can make beautiful eggs.
Contact Marie for more information or just show up on a Thursday.

Sermon for A Epiphany 4 February 2, 2020

Based on Matthew 5:1-11
God creates what God says. God says, “Let there be light.” Then there is light. God says, “From dust I have made you. To dust you shall return.” And so we are created and we are returned to the stuff of which God makes us. Jesus, Messiah, Son of God does the same. Messiah says, “You are light.” And it is so. Messiah says “On the third day I will rise.” It was so! Messiah says, “And all shall be raised up with me.” It will be so. Continue reading