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Sunday Evening Conversations on Creation Continue…
The CTK Creation Care Team invites you to attend Sunday Evening Conversations on Creation, an environmental education web meeting series whose theme in 2017 is Connections between People and Nature.

Sunday, July 30, 6:00 p.m.: Connections between People & Nature: Entering Cadillac Desert

At the July web meeting, we welcome Andy Gerhart, who holds a masters degree in history, a PhD in environment and resources, and is pursuing a masters of divinity. Water is spiritually animate and powerful.  Whether through its abundance in oceans and rivers, its magnificence in rain, or its stark absence in deserts, water has been worshipped and considered sacred by different religions and cultures for millennia. It is fundamental to life; physically making up 60-80% of our bodies, and all of our blood and our tears. It is chemically miraculous, older even than our sun.  However, it is also a finite resource, often taken for granted in our world. As climate change redistributes it unpredictably through droughts and floods, new tragedies of water inequities are taking shape, as documented in environmental historian Marc Reisner’s classic, Cadillac Desert. As we enter new cadillac deserts, it is important that we reawaken a reverence for water that pours into new laws, policies, and acts of kindness. To join this online conversation, please register at to receive an invitation to the web meeting. For more information about either talk, contact Lisa Brenskelle.

Note that all meetings are recorded. Contact Elmer Ledesma for a copy of any of the following prior conversations on Connections between People & Nature:
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