Worship “Separately Together” Online! Sunday, 11:00am

We sing. We pray. We receive the comforting power and powerful comfort of God’s Word with the Service of the Word. AND we’ve discovered firsthand how wonderful our evangelical outreach can be with this medium. Last week at least 487 households from around the world tuned in at the same time and many more since. Join us and invite others. Turn a “watch party” into larger and deeper worship of the Christ who secures us and sends us even in a time such as this.

Pastoral Update and Worship This Sunday at 11am on Facebook and YouTube

A joke is going around “our” circles that gets right at our sentiments. “Who would have guessed a couple of weeks ago that we would have to give up church for Lent?”  Yes, funny, but not true. The church is wherever 2 or 3 gather with the promise that Jesus will be among us. So there! Church will not give us up nor we it, though we will have it in both digital space and socially-distanced space.

So THIS Sunday, Church Happens at 11am on our Facebook and YouTube 

Given the latest developments, there are changes in our Sunday plans as compared to what was previously announced. Worship will be streamed at 11am AND it will include the Communion Liturgy. We will NOT gather for Communion on the rear lawn. Rather, households are encouraged to have bread and wine at hand while you watch the livestream and to share communion then with each other as you see us likewise share on the stream. We guarantee you will be able to hear words better, and invite you to follow along with the virtual bulletin that will accompany the stream. THEN, at Noon, any of you who would like instead to receive communion (bread only) at the church are encourage to “drive-through” either parking lot, beginning at Noon (for the rear lot, enter from Greenbriar and exit on Chaucer).

Yes, this is unusual. Good and caring pastoral theology, however, sees no difference between our communing with all the saints over time and space in the Eucharistic event and our sharing in digital space in times of emergency. The church’s preference, to be sure, is to enjoy God’s blessings in and with a physical community. Exigencies are occasions for us to experience God’s blessings in whatever sense of community can be available, nevertheless. We are in such a time to claim God’s graces in even unusual ways.

See you on Sunday on-line or in-l

Matinee Concert January 19

Join violist Matthew Carrington for a Matinee Concert
at CTK Sunday, January 19 at 3:00 p.m.
Matthew, a member of CTK and a regular with the Bach Society, will perform music written for other instruments that have found their way to the viola. This concert will also be given at First Lutheran Church in Galveston on Saturday, January 18 at 4:00 p.m.  All welcome!

Caring and Carrying On through Cancer Workshop

Saturday, September 28, 9:30 a.m.-12:15 p.m.
presented by CanCare in the parish hall
We are all touched by cancer, either through a loved one’s diagnosis or certainly within our friendship circles and our congregation. Come hear from two fabulous speakers about cancer’s effect on body, mind and spirit, and learn ways we can better support our loved ones through the cancer experience. This free workshop is sponsored by our Community of Hope lay chaplains and Cancare, Inc., and is open to ALL interested persons. Please RSVP.
Pat Hogan, Director of Training for CanCare, Inc., Psychologist, cancer survivor, and formerly on the faculty of the Texas Institute of Family Psychiatry.
Rev. Tommy Thompson, Program Director of Hospital Missions at Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital, and former COO and Vice President of CanCare, Inc.