Bread for the World: Mothers’ Day Offering of Letters

Support $12 billion for a Global Response to COVID-19

Urge your representative and senators to provide an additional $12 billion for a global COVID-19 relief response to support partners on the front lines of the pandemic.

COVID-19 has ravaged the health and economies of nearly every country in the world. Continued U.S. support for a global response to combat COVID-19 is critical. The pandemic will impact the world’s poorest and most vulnerable communities the most, increasing the number of hungry and malnourished children and families. Our efforts to defeat this virus abroad will protect and save lives both in developing countries and here at home.

Click Here to Request funding for Global Hunger Relief

Drive-Thru Pet Food Drive: April 25 at 2-4 p.m.

Along with this Saturday’s drive-thru food drive for CCSC, we are adding a pet food drive for AniMeals (Meals on Wheels).  As anyone who owns a pet knows, a furry friend can be the ultimate in companionship and comfort, especially for the isolated and homebound. If you plan to donate food items to both CCSC and AniMeals, please make sure you bag the pet food separately.

Our April Mission Offering is designated for Meals on Wheels of Interfaith Ministries. Please consider donating through the church on our donation page.

Christ the King Drive-Thru Food Drive for CCSC 

THIS SATURDAY, April 25 from 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Christian Community Service Center (CCSC) was hugely thankful for the two “filled to the brim” cars of donations we brought them last week (from 52 CtK cars that “drove-thru”), and CCSC continues to see the need for more donations as they are currently getting almost everything from church food drives as they still cannot fully utilize their normal channels and are seeing upwards of 3-4X their normal demand.  Therefore, Christ the King will hold another “drive-thru” food drive this Saturday in the back parking lot from 2-4 PM.  Of course, social distancing and good hygiene will be practiced.  Please help with whatever you can provide, including the following which will help the most:

Pasta, Hearty soups (with meat or beans), Canned tuna, Canned chicken, Boxed dry cereal, Canned vegetables (all types), Canned fruit (all types), Cleaning wipes, Toilet paper, Bar soap, Baby wipes/diapers (sizes 4, 5 and 6)  

During this national COVID-19 crisis and its resulting economic impact, more people than ever need the emergency services that CCSC provides. CCSC is practicing social distancing and good hygiene in their food pantries (deemed essential services), and the staff and volunteers are all in for how vital CCSC’s work is right now. Currently, CCSC is getting 80% of their food/goods from donations as the normal channels have been unreliable.