Sermon for A Pentecost 3 June 25, 2017

Sermon for A Pentecost 3   Based on Matthew 10:24-39

Real leaders tell the truth. Real leaders– genuine vehicles of vision, promise, and hope–tell the truth and they announce beforehand the cost. Then they tell the hearers what resources they have for what is to come. Jesus tells the truth. He does not mince words nor pull punches. He states clearly what the disciples are signing up for, states clearly how personally difficult it will get, and then assures those who sign up that they already are given all they need for the work to come, and everything they need forever after. Continue reading

Sermon for A Pentecost June 4, 2017

“Jesus is Lord.” Do we say that? Do you want to say it with me? “Jesus is Lord!.” Do you say that because I asked you to? Would you say it if I did not? Would you say it in a conversation with another? Maybe you would say that with some qualifications? Maybe explain what “Lord” means these days? Probably say it in a way that distinguishes you from others? Want to say it again? “Jesus is Lord.” Continue reading

Sermon for A Easter 3 Build Us Up, Send Us Forth Capital Campaign, Part Two

Christ is Risen! Alleluia! He is Risen indeed! Alleluia! Having just replied as you’ve been taught, does it feel more like an echo now than a first excited exclamation to say that? Or all too back into ordinary time, are we cast back into the mindset of those two upset disciples walking a dusty rocky road in a world that again bears no promise for them? Continue reading

Sermon for A Epiphany 7 February 19, 2017

Duane LarsonWalter Brueggemann is a contemporary theologian who does not hedge his words. He is one of the most prolific and prophetic preachers alive.  A popular quote of his aligns closely with the point of our scripture lessons today. He says, “The crisis in the church has almost nothing to do with being liberal or conservative; it has everything to do with giving up on the faith and practice of our Christian baptism and settling for a common, generic U.S. identity that is part patriotism, part consumerism, part violence, and part affluence.” Continue reading