Festival Weekend

Service Project    Saturday, November 18 at 9:00 a.m.
Pollinator Garden Refresh
The CTK Creation Care Team invites you to celebrate the festival of Christ the King by caring for God’s good creation. We will be planting plants in our pollinator garden at CTK to attract butterflies & nourish caterpillars. Join us at CTK for this event (green thumbs not required)! Contact Lisa Brenskelle if you would like to participate.

Festival Fair   Sunday, November 19 9:45 a.m. in the Courtyard
Join us in the courtyard after both services to celebrate our annual Festival Sunday. There will be opportunities to sign up for Sociables (social gatherings hosted by members of the congregation and whose proceeds support our outreach ministries), learn about ministry volunteer opportunities, and grant wishes from our various ministry partners off of the Wishing Wall. Snacks will be provided by Thrivent Financial. Join us in celebrating our congregation’s 72 years of ministry and the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation.

“Nail It” to the Reformation Door
Christ the King Church has its own Reformation door in the narthex. All are invited to come to the Reformation door and post answers to, “What are your hopes for the Church in 5 years, 50 years, and 500 years.” No need to come up with 95 theses, but ideas, wishes, hopes, dreams are all welcome! In lieu of nails, Post-It notes are provided at the door. The door will be up through Festival Sunday, November 19.

Sunday Evening Conversations on Creation Continue…

The CTK Creation Care Team invites you to attend Sunday Evening Conversations on Creation, an environmental education web meeting series whose theme in 2017 is Connections between People and Nature.

Sunday, September 24, 6 p.m.:  Connections between People & Nature:   Biodiversity

At the September web meeting, we welcome Professor Kerri Crawford, Assistant Professor of Biology & Biochemistry at the University of Houston. In her presentation, Dr. Crawford will discuss global threats to biodiversity and why we should care, including how biodiversity influences natural systems and provides ecosystem services that we rely on.  She will present examples from her own work, such as experiments that tested how plant diversity influences restoration outcomes in coastal ecosystems and how soil microbes influence plant community diversity.  Finally, she will speculate on key scientific questions that need to be answered to understand how ecological communities will change in the future and help mitigate the negative consequences of these changes.  After Professor Crawford’s talk, there will be time for Q&A.  If you would like to join this online conversation, please register and you will receive an invitation to the web meeting. For more information, contact Lisa Brenskelle.

Sunday Evening Conversations on Creation Web Meetings Continue…

Sunday, July 30, 6:00 p.m.: Entering Cadillac Desert
Whether through its abundance in oceans and rivers, its magnificence in rain, or its stark absence in deserts, water has been worshipped and considered sacred by different religions and cultures for millennia. It is fundamental to life but is also a finite resource, often taken for granted in our world. As climate change redistributes it unpredictably through droughts and floods, new tragedies of water inequities are taking shape, as documented in environmental historian Marc Reisner’s classic, Cadillac Desert. As we enter new cadillac deserts, Andy Hartley, Ph.D., will examine the importance of reawakening a reverence for water that pours into new laws, policies, and acts of kindness. After Andy’s talk, there will be time for Q&A. If you would like to join this online conversation, please register at www.eventbrite.com and you will receive an invitation to the web meeting. For more information, contact Lisa Brenskelle.

Earth-Honoring Faith

The CTK Creation Care Team would like to draw your attention to a retreat coming up in early July at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico. Larry Rasmussen, Reinhold Niebuhr Professor Emeritus, Union Theological Seminary and author of Earth-Honoring Faith: Religious Ethics in a New Key, is the organizer of the Earth-Honoring Faith Retreat which is now in its 10th and final year. The retreat begins on evening of Sunday, July 2 and ends the evening of Friday, July 7. A number of eminent speakers will lead workshops.   Details are available at the Ghost Ranch Education & Retreat Center site.

Interfaith Environmental Network of Houston: Justice Advocacy Workshop

Sunday, July 9, 4 – 6 p.m.
The CTK Justice Advocacy Ministry Team invites all members to attend a Justice Advocacy Workshop organized by the Interfaith Environmental Network of Houston and taught by experts from TX Impact, an Austin-based interfaith justice advocacy organization with which our synod is affiliated. The Justice Advocacy Workshop is free, and will take place on Sunday, July 9 from 4 – 6 p.m. at the University of St. Thomas, Robertson Hall. Learn how to effectively raise your voice for the voiceless. Please register for this event, for planning purposes. The training will be recorded, so if you can’t make it, you can still get a copy of the training recording to review later. For more information, please contact Lisa Brenskelle .